The 2014 Accordion Noir Festival Presents: The Seven Year Itch

Seven is an important number. Whether we’re counting the deadly sins or Snow White’s dwarves, it’s hard to deny the pull that ‘lucky number seven’ has on our imaginations.

It could go down to our bones: every seven years, our bodies complete a full regenerative cycle and completely replenish all of our cells. It could be our attention spans: psychologists sometimes use ‘seven year itch’ to describe the boredom and restlessness that can creep into a well-worn relationship.

Chalk it up to our ‘noir’-ish tendency to take things our own way — The Accordion Noir Festival turns seven this year and we’re pretty happy to feel the itch. If there’s restlessness, it’s the fun, ticklish kind — like Marilyn Monroe in a white dress. In any case, we’ve been much too busy growing to get bored. Our seventh birthday welcomes a host of new events, artists and partnerships, alongside a healthy complement of our long-time favourites.

Here’s the first of seven sneak peeks from the seventh edition of the Accordion Noir Festival, which will take place September 11-14 in Vancouver.

1. Socalled (Montreal) kicks off the festival, Thursday, September 11 at the Fox Cabaret

Those of us who are already members of this international iconoclast’s gigantic fan club don’t need to be told that this is incredible news. For newcomers to Socalled’s genre-hopping brand of world turbo-folk, hip-hop and klezmer funk, consider this: his latest release, The Season is “a puppet-heavy indie musical fable for the 21st century,” chronicling the trials of a close-knit crew of forest animals who battle a new threat: an infestation of aliens from another planet.

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