Accordion Revels with ‘folk sale’ rebels Ol’ Crocodile!

Sneak Peek 5!

Ol Croc 733 x 572Saturday evening the party gets down and dirty at the 2014 Accordion Noir Festival with Ol’ Crocodile (Montreal/France). After years of busking, Ol’ Crocodile has earned the ability to make even the most cynical pedestrian join the party. Their accordion-boasting ‘Folk Sale’ (dirty folk) has made them infamous in Quebec as part of a movement that espouses the right to meet, to dance, to get dirty and to spread inspiration and ideas. The close line between these ideals and our homegrown politics of joyful rebellion promises to make Ol’ Crocodile’s first appearance in Western Canada a party with a deeper cause– uniting two coasts of underground movers and shakers through the powers of accordion revelry.  We are working hard to raise travel funds this year to get the four core members of Ol Crocodile out to Vancouver to the festival. Check them out in our fundraising video.

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