April O’Peel (Vancouver)

A Vancouver fan favorite, this pervy and curvy cutie has been called “a sheer comical and dancing talent on display,” “hilarious,” “full of sass,” and “in your face!”

 April O'Peel A Vancouver Burlesque fan favorite, April O’Peel has recently been seen at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas NV, where she was awarded “Most Comedic” overall. Choreographer and feature dancer for both The Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society and The Razzle Tassel Tease Show, April spends her time performing, teaching Burlesque classes and serving on the Board of Directors for the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.

Sharon Bayly (Vancouver)

A performing artist whose practice is rooted in physical theatre, clown and ensemble-based creation.

 Sharon Bayly by Chara Berk Sharon Bayly trained at the Dell ‘Arte School of Physical Theatre in California, and holds a BFA in Theatre and Development from Concordia University.  She is currently the Co-Artistic Director of Mortal Coil Performance Society, a Vancouver-based theatre company that utilizes popular styles of theatre and spectacle including stilts, puppets, giant puppets, music and dance in creating both indoor and outdoor work. She is also thrilled to be one of the members of The Assembly, a playful and lofty collective of process oriented, performance driven, self-identifying female clowns. 

Paul Silveria (Portland)

Square-dance caller, Paul Silveria is a unique and versatile performer who engages audiences of all ages with interactive traditional music!

Paul Silveria Paul is a performer, and tireless promoter, of participatory traditional music and dance. Originally from Portland Oregon, and now living in Vancouver BC, Paul brings his shows, dances, and workshops to people up and down the west coast!

Wryly Andherson and Dusty Hagerud (Vancouver)

Dahling Mermaid Dahlings!

Wryly of Moth Orbit Object Theatre and Dusty Hagerud of Colour Sound Lab have teamed up to bring you a very special puppet duo: The Dahling Mermaid Dahlings. We are not exactly sure what hijinx these two fishy femmes will get up to but whatever it is we can be sure that it will be Dahling! Wryly, a puppeteer since 2003, apprenticed with Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts, and works primarily with marionettes. Since 2011 he has expanded his reach, experimenting with other forms of puppetry, and notions of what a puppet can be including giant puppets with mouth and eye mechanisms, object theater, and Bunraku-inspired creations fashioned from plastic bottles and packaging tape. Dusty Hagerud Vancouver based Illustrator, Designer, Sculptor and Puppet Builder with a slightly twisted sense of humor and an absolute love for the whimsical.

Brigid Normand (Vancouver)

Brigid Normand Brigid Normand is a powerful sorceress who uses her enchanted squeeze-box to summon an army of city spirits to waltz and slide, strut and stride the shadows and sidewalks of the world, leaving no-one unhaunted in her wake.

Aaron Goodwin (Vancouver)

A comedic eastern European twist on Alberta told by an accordion playing puppet whose puppeteer is a random member of the audience. Performed and written by Aaron Goodwin

Aaron Puppet Presenting Arthur Witzke Inna Jarovitch …Albeeria’s greatest and oldest accordion player . Brought to you by the National Albeerian Sand Company to educate the world on the folklore and customs of Albeeria the mysterious and forbidden country next too British Columbia.
With thick rich reedy textures of the accordion that bed the pure unabashed vocals, Aaron Goodwin fills the evening with crooning, singing and telling tales…