With the generous help of BC Arts Council and Vancity Credit Union the Accordion Noir Society is sponsoring eight youth accordionists this year (ages 3-25). The youth performers are being supported with mentored workshops in the two week lead up to the festival and then sharing their creations at the showcase. Word has it that the performances being cooked up by this year’s gang of up and coming accordion rebels are really ‘outside the box’.  More bios to come soon!

Christopher Graham

Chris Graham At 25 years old, Christopher Graham, our oldest youth performer, is an enthusiastic arts supporter and multi-media arts creator.  He is  the former frontman from Edmonton based band “Sneezing Wolf and the Bogus Robots”. He has also been involved with several film projects around Vancouver as a writer, set decorator, and producer. He’s had several years experience with singing, guitar, and bass guitar however, this will be his first performance solo with an accordion.


Danaan I first picked up an accordion just under a year ago. It was a marbled red and white second-hand Busilacchio, and I immediately fell in love with its sound, the beauty of it as an instrument, and the way its bellows breathed and came alive. I felt it to be a kindred soul of sorts, and was able to relate to it as I had never been able to relate to the piano. Needless to say, I bought the accordion, and since then we have become good friends. For me, picking up and playing the accordion has an almost therapeutic effect. I love anything creative, be it music or visual arts. I am also a member of the youth artist collective The Graey, a small group that collaborates on projects from zines to public installations to short films. Our most recent project, a short documentary about mail art, features my accordion playing as part of its soundtrack.

John Gonzalez

John Gonzalez John Gonzalez (Columbia) is twenty-one years old. He felt in love with the accordion because of the emotion that the people express when they are playing. He has been playing for eight years and wants to continue to work hard to be a good musician and an incredible accordion player. Reformando el mundo, sembrando semillas. “Donde hay multitud de consejeros no caerá el pueblo”

Owen Reid

Owen Reid At almost four years old Owen Reid is an old soul with a singular love for all things accordion. He has been playing for almost two years and was one of the stars at last year’s Noirfest Youth Showcase. He returns this year with a bigger accordion and plans for filming a music video of his own.

Harriet and Myriam

Harriet & Myriam

Harriet has acted and worked backstage in eight school plays. She used to play accordion and has one signed by Daniel Handler. Myriam is fourteen and has read Lord of the Rings one and 1/2 times. They are twins whose godmother turned down an agent’s offer to make them child stars. They both think that accordions are hilarious and have devised a skit, of which the exact content will be revealed at the showcase.