angelica-negron-picOne of the “10 Young Female Composers You Should Know” Flavorpill NYC, Angelica Negron composes  and performs mesmerizing electronics and accordion. She is a long time member of the Puerto Rican underground music scene and founding member of electro-acoustic pop outfit Balún. She currently performs with Tokyo born Shayna Dunkelman (currently on tour with Xiu Xiu opening for Timber Timbre) who is known for combining classical techniques, improv and xylosynth. Here is a video clip of Shayna and Angelica performing at a recent tribute to Laurie Anderson. Noirfest opening night, Thursday Sept 10th, is being co-produced by the Western Front on the same night as the 16th annual Art Swarm. It will be a mind-blowing night with a double-bill featuring a short new-work for accordion by local composer/physical theatre team Elliot Vaughan and Elysse Cheadle.

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