10936568_840374506020812_2132272419_oThe Octopus is tied up  in knots with excitement that Svetka and the Raven will be performing on the same night as Wendy McNeill at the festival this year. As soon as the Octopus can untangle itself we will be releasing the schedule, very soon. But in the meantime here is some artist info to fill your boots.

Svetka and the Raven is an illustrious combination of sound and sight intertwined by accordionist/vocalist Julie Gennai and shadow projectionist Charlie Walker. With whimsical sights, tales and melodies, these two artists find a haunting medium between the auditory and the visual. Julie is a multi-faceted artist living in Victoria, BC. She has toured internationally as a accordionist, harpist, and vocalist, working with musical groups such as Blackberry Wood, Compassion Gorilla, and The Wayover Yonders. Julie has also worked with circus-theater company Bread and Puppet as both a puppeteer and member of the circus band.

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