April O'Peel2In addition to our fabulous featured accordion artists this year we have a handful of extra special cabaret artists coming out to spice up the mix!  Check out our Cabaret Performer Page for details on these wonderful performers.

Friday Night: Sharon Bayly (clown) and Paul Silveria (squaredance caller) will do collaborative numbers with Rattletrap Ruckus and the Mermaid Dahling Mermaids will be on hand to make sure everything is going just swimmingly.

Saturday Night: April O’Peel will grace us with her elegance and curvy wits.

Friday and Saturday Nights: Brigid Normand will be streetside at door time to enchant and welcome everyone to the show and to serenade our fabulous food truck chefs from C’est Si Bon!

Sunday Afternoon: Aaron Goodwin will amaze with his accordion playing puppet, Arthur Witzke Inna Jarovitch

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