September 12-16, 2018: the 11th annual Accordion Noir Festival

Greetings!  You have somehow found your way to our old website.  This is better than it sounds, because in the meantime, like some strange tropical flower, our new website has since sprouted, bloomed into a glorious bilingual blossom, and then withered away, all without leaving a trace here.  But this is just to tell you all, old friends and new visitors inspired by our stages at the Car-Free Main Street Festival and our other regular projects, that despite having temporarily disappeared from the web during an administrative changeover, we are back in the saddle and committed to providing the world with the grandest little alt-accordion festival this side of Cotati.

So set those dates aside — September 12-16, 2018, especially the weekend.  We’ll be bringing old friends and new back to bring accordion music — moody, melancholic and monstrous at times — to the people, at farmers’ markets, in the streets, at art openings, and specifically to the WISE Hall at 1882 Adanac Street (at Victoria Drive.)  The founding luminary and patron saint of the Accordion Noir empire, Geoff Berner, will be headlining, bringing along with him busker-king Jason Webley, Frankenstein of the Monsters of Accordion, last seen on our stage headlining the second year of our festival.

That is only the icing on the cake.  We have so much cake to tell you about, and we have only been waiting to wrap up the business with our Car-Free Main stage to set about finalizing its recipe.  With that now behind us, we look forward to sharing regular announcements here about the improbable acts we look forward to astounding you with in September and beyond.  And if you just can’t bear the idea that we might share updates here without your being first to find out, please feel free to subscribe to our monthly e-mail list or follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).  We’re boldly plunging forward!


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