Accordion Noir Festival XI poster announcement

Following a fruitful collaboration between Vancouver’s notorious accordion band the Creaking Planks and Imaginary Games, developers of the free mobile CCG Afterland, introductions were made enabling Swedish artist Elin Jonsson and the Accordion Noir Festival to be drawn into each others’ orbits, where she has graced us with three consecutive festival posters, consummate in their enchanted noir-ness.  This year’s is no less magical.

And for the first time, here you see on the poster the complete slate of scheduled festival performers!  Those being… on Friday, September 14th:

And on Saturday, September 15th:

Finally, on Sunday, September 16th, as you can see we’ll be playing host to:

We still have some secrets and surprises to spring on you, but there, in broad strokes, is our festival.

Now some of you have expressed some concern over the fest’s poster: to wit, the pure anatomical masochism of a woman playing accordion without any kind of protective garment over the upper portion of her body — not just a punchline, but a real and imminent pinching hazard, every squeeze a risky hazard!  To put to rest your concerns of our mascot’s perilous situation, the poster designer has clarified that the fantastic scene depicted derives from the fables and legends of her native Sweden, and she is assuredly protected by some ancient magic — the real danger is to you, the listener!

In Swedish folklore we have Näcken who is a naked man, playing violin in the river. If you come to close to the river and hear him playing you will (as a woman) be hypnotized by the music and be pulled into the water and live a life under water. This woman in the poster is flirting with this folklore. 💛

Also, though you can’t see it, the reverse side of her instrument is surely covered with a padded leather back panel to protect the delicate pressed-cardboard bellows from water damage… and also afford the player some comfort and pinch protection.  Even gents and the clothed appreciate the frictionless buffer!

(Do please note that we are not trying to exploitatively titillate you with an objectified, sexualized female body — actually, the best poster art suggestion from our administration involved a cage full of tropical birds! — but as with the “Accordion Babes” pin-up calendar (which, ahem, there should be copies of for sale at the merch table this year), this undertaking was also the deliberate creative decision of a woman artist choosing to express herself in this way for her own reasons.  All we can do is write long blog posts exploring her choices.)

These should be hitting the streets very soon now in poster and handbill form — if you like, take a selfie with one and share it on social media with the #NoirFestXI hashtag to show the world what colour you like your squeezebox music!  (The correct answer is: noir.)

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