12th annual Accordion Noir Festival, coming up Autumn 2019!

Georgia Straight article brought you here? All the latest information over on this page!


Welcome home, squeezebox fans! This website has been light on announcements since Vancouver’s eleventh annual Accordion Festival wrapped back in 2018… but you have found the place to find the latest information about our upcoming twelfth festival coming up in the Autumn of 2019! (If you’d like to take part, you really need to contact us at accnoir at gmail dot com, the plans are already in progress!) In the meantime, do please join us on Accordion Noir radio 10-11 pm every Wednesday night, at the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle get-togethers at Spartacus Books the first Thursday of every month, and at our third annual stage at Car-Free Main Street on June 16th. For breaking updates, catch us on social media — @AccordionNoir on Twitter, @AccordionNoirFest on Instagram, and our three Facebook groups for the Accordion Noir Festival, Accordion Noir fans, and the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. Cheers & squeeze on!

art by Julie the Bruce

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