Dear friends,

You remembered us!  (We’ve been at it for twelve years now: of course you would remember us — we’ve been unforgettable!)  Specifically, you remembered the way that we typically host our accordion festival every September.  Now it is September and, for lack of any big news to the contrary, you have been beating down our door demanding to know when our festival is taking place!  It’s all very flattering.

The good news is that you haven’t missed anything!  It’s taken longer than expected for the pieces to fall into place, but they have just about all landed in their little grooves and we are looking forward to bragging to the world all about the varied squeezy splendours we’ll have awaiting you this year!  But like a slowly opening bellows, please allow us to milk a little more suspense out of the big reveal.  So today, we will tell you the dates: this year’s 12th annual Accordion Noir Festival in Vancouver, BC, will be taking place Friday, November 15th, at the WISE Hall (1882 Adanac at Victoria), and Saturday, November 16th, at Spartacus Books (3378 Findlay Street).  The first event will be a program of mainstage headliners, and the second will be a delightful menu of curiosities for our customary Community Day.

Like a melodic metal reed, stay tuned — very soon now you will have been fully briefed about all the acts and activities scheduled for our events, and presale tickets will be up and available via Brown Paper Tickets.  And there are more surprises we are yet hiding under our hats.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in our year-round activities, the place that would have kept you fully briefed would be our monthly e-mail newsletter, to which you are invited to subscribe 8)

Cheers & squeeze on!

(Thanks yet again to Elin Jonsson for the fabulous poster prototype!)


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