Hey there!

It’s been a while. Quite a year, eh? 2020 was supposed to be our triumphant victory lap, celebrating our successful proposal of the accordion emoji! But even if weightier matters have come to the fore, we’ve been hanging in there, continuing to share our weekly radio program (safely pre-recorded from home studios), hosting our monthly socially-distanced get-togethers outdoors (recently relocated to Strathcona’s spacious Ukrainian Hall), and presenting our annual stage at this June’s Car-Free Main Street Festival virtually, as a digital video stream.

We had a live music venue booked early on, but it took some time to determine that this pandemic business wasn’t just going to blow over, and so it is our pleasure to announce that this year’s allegedly “lucky” 13th annual Accordion Noir Festival is scheduled to burst the dam the first week of November on every major digital streaming platform (at least, all the ones we can figure out how to use. TikTok, we have some questions: How are we supposed to have enough balance to film ourselves longboarding while both playing accordion AND drinking cranberry juice? And how do we go about setting up an Onlyfriends account?)

Make a reminder:

  • The fest begins in earnest Wednesday, November 4th with a live radio and videostream performance by the incredible Ana Bon-Bon at the mothballed CFRO Radio studios during Accordion Noir radio’s standard weekly 9-10 pm broadcast time, followed by another hour of radio previewing other participating performers.
  • It continues Thursday, November 5th with a streaming program of squeezy sets captured from this summer’s accordion-heavy guerrilla Music at MacLean Park series.
  • On we boldly plunge Friday November 6th with the return of the Underdog Instrument Grudge Match, for the first time on Zoom.
  • Our mainstage headliners will be dominating the video streams Saturday November 7th. Don’t mind us, we want to build at least a little suspense here!
  • Finally, we host another Zoom event — a “Community Day” open stage session Sunday November 8th, for folks who wanted to take part in our festival but couldn’t find another way to do so.

For further updates, time and link announcements, and other breaking news… stay tuned to this website (please ignore the distracting ghostly imitators at our old, stolen dotcom URL) and our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and our three Facebook groups. Cheers & squeeze on!

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