Greetings, squeezy friends! The world is still consumed by pandemic and climate change, yet just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, we are doing our level best to ensure that when the Titanic finally goes down, it will be accordion music that the band on the slanted deck serenades the departing lifeboats with. Through the complementary one-two punch of technology and wide open spaces, we have managed to continue our mission through a year and a half of heck, because the show must go on!

(Since accordion gigs are so thin on the ground even at the best of times!)

Which brings us to the announcement of the 14th annual Accordion Noir Festival! Last year we played it very safe, producing no live, in-person performances and only recording and rebroadcasting outdoor performances that had been sent in or set up through the Maclean Park Music series, following the lead of the Vancouver Squeezebox Circle. Surely next year we can go back to normal, we thought, but when the public health numbers begged to differ, we adopted a compromise: booking a date in Maclean Park ourselves so we could have a shot at presenting live accordion music to our receptive audiences in the safest, most socially-distanced, well-ventilated way possible.

Which brings us to the present! From 2-5 pm, on Saturday, September 11th, some of East Vancouver’s greatest alt-squeezebox talent will be taking the stage (that is, the lawn) at Strathcona’s Maclean Park. The set will be kicked off by the unique bluesy gospel of Ana Bon-Bon, one of Vancouver’s longtime alt-squeezebox luminaries, and it gives us great pleasure to present what just might be the Vancouver debut to the ensemble now known as the Hot Water Quintette, featuring members of Montreal’s Clinker, dishing up “dreamy traditional jazz vibes like Duke Ellington & Jellyroll Morton, bent in genre through being played on instruments with suspended time and acoustic ambiance.” All that plus… well, there is time for special guests on the schedule, but that’s all we can say about that for now.

Presented by Rowan “Stupid Accordion Tricks” Lipkovits of Accordion Noir Radio and the Creaking Planks, this performance will then go out and hunt down fans in the comfort and safety of their own homes, when the program — and the entire season of accordion performances from this summer’s Maclean Park Music series — will be rebroadcast online for free on Saturday, November 13th, including sets by Sospiro Misterioso, the Vancouver Folk Orchestra, and the Gram Partisans! (Stay tuned for further details.) There is no escape — accordion music is relentless!

The Sept 11th live performance is by donation, and in the event of inclement weather will be postponed to Sunday Sept 26th.

We’d like to thank our media sponsors at the Columbia Journal, our friends at Car-Free Vancouver and we’re thrilled to acknowledge that this event is presented with support from SoundON, Creative BC, and the Province of British Columbia.

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