September 12-16, 2018: the 11th annual Accordion Noir Festival

Greetings!  You have somehow found your way to our old website.  This is better than it sounds, because in the meantime, like some strange tropical flower, our new website has since sprouted, bloomed into a glorious bilingual blossom, and then withered away, all without leaving a trace here.  But this is just to tell you all, old friends and new visitors inspired by our stages at the Car-Free Main Street Festival and our other regular projects, that despite having temporarily disappeared from the web during an administrative changeover, we are back in the saddle and committed to providing the world with the grandest little alt-accordion festival this side of Cotati.

So set those dates aside — September 12-16, 2018, especially the weekend.  We’ll be bringing old friends and new back to bring accordion music — moody, melancholic and monstrous at times — to the people, at farmers’ markets, in the streets, at art openings, and specifically to the WISE Hall at 1882 Adanac Street (at Victoria Drive.)  The founding luminary and patron saint of the Accordion Noir empire, Geoff Berner, will be headlining, bringing along with him busker-king Jason Webley, Frankenstein of the Monsters of Accordion, last seen on our stage headlining the second year of our festival.

That is only the icing on the cake.  We have so much cake to tell you about, and we have only been waiting to wrap up the business with our Car-Free Main stage to set about finalizing its recipe.  With that now behind us, we look forward to sharing regular announcements here about the improbable acts we look forward to astounding you with in September and beyond.  And if you just can’t bear the idea that we might share updates here without your being first to find out, please feel free to subscribe to our monthly e-mail list or follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).  We’re boldly plunging forward!



Noir Potion #9, the love tonic that cures accordion haters, will be available for a limited run at the upcoming festival, Sept 8-11, 2016. It can be applied as a perfume or imbided as a drink and promises to not only rid you of any residual doubts about your relationship to the squeezbox but futher promises to transport you into a squeezenotic love trance of intensely pleasurable proportions. We can’t give away all of our secrets just yet, but here is a sample of one of the spicy ingredients in this year’s mix.

Pinata Protest 2San Antonio based Piñata Protest is hailed by NPR ALT Latino as “brilliant” and “mind blowing”, and by the LA Times as “festively energetic”. This bilingual band brings shredding lead accordion to a mix of old school punk rock and traditional Latin border music which they have christened mojano punk.

More announcements soon.



Accordion Noir Society Annual General Meeting
February 13th, 4:00-5:30pm
Spartacus Books, 3378 Findlay Street, Vancouver
Artistic Director’s Report
Presentation of the 2015-2016 Financials
Election of Board of Directors
Proposal of bylaw addendum to allow board to vote by email on time sensitive issues
Proposal for adoption of a youth engagement safety policy
Proposal for a clarified new member process and policy
If you wish to attend this meeting and/or add any items for the agenda please make advance contact with Katheryn at


_DSC4547The 9th Annual Accordion Noir Festival is slated for Sept 8-11, 2016. We encourage artists and community members to contact us about their work or favorite artists.

We are currently fundraising for headliner artist travel for the 2016 Festival at the Accordion Noir Aeroplan Charitable Points Pooling Account. We are looking to bring a few very special artists from overseas this coming year and need your help. Just so you know, until Feb. 28th, 2016 there is a very generous points welcome offer available through TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card. The card has no annual fee for the first year and you stand to gain 20,000 points. That would give you more than enough to keep some for yourself, make a healthy donation to our Pooling account and become a rock start VIP guest at our next festival. For more information contact Katheryn at


IMG_1733At Sunday afternoon showcase close our raffle was drawn with the help of Kate Romain  (of the awesome Kate and Rich Duo) and two lucky winners walked away with accordions. Alex got the 12 bass Castle and Bradley got the 120 bass Cellini. Happy Squeezing to both! IMG_1734Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the festival, thanks to our fantastic artists for going the distance, thanks to our generous sponsors,  and special thanks to our incredible crew and volunteer team who gave generously of their amazing talents to make the festival possible.  Much love to everyone for making this the best year ever!


Adonia and StickersOur 2015 Youth Showcase is shaping up to be a multi-media extravaganza that you won’t want to miss. Check out some of the performer bios at the 2015 Youth Incentives tab.


April O'Peel2In addition to our fabulous featured accordion artists this year we have a handful of extra special cabaret artists coming out to spice up the mix!  Check out our Cabaret Performer Page for details on these wonderful performers.

Friday Night: Sharon Bayly (clown) and Paul Silveria (squaredance caller) will do collaborative numbers with Rattletrap Ruckus and the Mermaid Dahling Mermaids will be on hand to make sure everything is going just swimmingly.

Saturday Night: April O’Peel will grace us with her elegance and curvy wits.

Friday and Saturday Nights: Brigid Normand will be streetside at door time to enchant and welcome everyone to the show and to serenade our fabulous food truck chefs from C’est Si Bon!

Sunday Afternoon: Aaron Goodwin will amaze with his accordion playing puppet, Arthur Witzke Inna Jarovitch