Dr. Jack’s Jackpot of Cabaret Curios

Appearing at all evening shows of the festival, this accordion-themed cabaret features the very finest in burlesque, clown, mime, physical theatre and musical shenanigans. Hand-picked performers from the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, Poupon Parade, the End Tree, and Pick of the Fringe include: Magic by Dr. T, Little Miss Risk, Kat Single-Dain, Nayana Filkow, Candace Curlypaws, Christache Ross, Elysse Cheadle, Robert Leveroos, Jack Garton and Elliot Vaughan. Dr. Jack’s mad and inspired performer prescriptions cannot be foreseen in advance and will be issued on the night of the performance. If you have your heart set on seeing a specific cabaret act, all we can tell you for now is come to all the shows!

Little Miss Risk

Corsetier, chocolatier, baker, ta-ta shaker, hip swayer, tight lacer, troublemaker, red lipstick, magic tricks, swizzle sticks, voodoo kicks, and an urban myth.

Magic by Dr. T

In 2008, Travis Bernhardt became a full time professional magician, fulfilling his master plans – retroactively decided upon – of never becoming qualified for anything else.


Kat Single-Dain

Kat Single-Dain of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret is an in demand, award-winning filmmaker, critically acclaimed choreographer and event producer specializing in the intersection of contact improvisation, vintage swing dance, and physical theatre. This rare niche has had her travelling to teach and perform from Nevada, USA to Paris, France. Graduating with honours from the University of California Berkeley in 2006, she has since co-founded and curates the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, recently named one of “Vancouver’s best kept secrets” by the CBC.

 Nayana Filkow

Raised in theatre, her father was a writer, director and actor, and her mother, a set, make-up and costume artist. Nayana went on to theatre school where things started on the page, then moved on to where things begin in the body and the moment. Improvisation and clown, contact dance and mask. These are the realms of which she traverses.  Co-founder and director of both Hawah Cabaret, and Ancient Rugged Revival, assistant director of the Hard Times Hit Parade, and founding member of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret — she still loves to laugh and cry.

 Candace Curlypaws

Candice R. Curlypaws is committed to creativity as a way of life. Her work as a multi-disciplinary artist has her travelling internationally as a performer, producer and creative facilitator in the realms of theatre, music and mental health activism. She is a founding member of the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, creator of character driven jug-band The Myrtle Family Band, and creator of Poupon Parade which “weaves nouveau clown, sketch comedy, and improv, to create side-splitting, mind-blowing, cheek-stretching Nincompoupery™”. She is also a co-producer of Injest, Vancouver’s Festival of Clown and Play.

 Christache Ross

Christache performs with the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret as a roving performer, clown and masked character at many events from the Vancouver Folk Festival to the Vancouver International Film Festival to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Christache loves moustaches and cheese, but doesn’t like it when cheese gets in his moustache. He also is a visual artist, designer and photographer.

 Jack Garton

Wearer of many hats and boas, Jack is a multi-disciplinary wonder with theatre chops to match his masterful musicianship. He has performed on stage with the most exciting and playful members of the Vancouver music and theatre communities.

 Elliot Vaughan

Composer/Violist Elliot Vaughan has a fondness for the strange squeaks and grunts of the accordion. He has set many of his classical and otherworldly compositions with accordion amidst traditional instrumentation. He has recently been caught performing with it on stage here and there and has discovered its use in a pulley system for small carts.

 Elysse Cheadle

Elysse Cheadle is a theatre maker and performer who is excited by highly physical roles. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University and is a graduate of Mount Royal University’s theatre arts performance program. Recent examples of Elysse’s directorial and devised work include: the surreal sci-fi adventure Space, Baby (Spring 2014), physical theatre production hoof (Summer 2013), Angela Ferreira’s A Peaceful Sea (Summer 2014), Gollancz in [excerpts from] Howard Barker’s The Ecstatic Bible (Fall 2012), NgIdu in Good Afternoon, Mrs.NgImesh (Spring 2012), as well as her roles as a dancer in choreographer Iris Lau’s Time’s Lost (Spring 2011) and Re:Call (Spring 2012).

Robert Leveroos

Robert Leveroos is a multi-disciplinary artist and performer. His practice moves between the realms of theatre,  dance, and visual art. He is drawn to theatre magic and finding beauty in the unexpected, with an aim to strike an audience’s imagination and skew their perceptions. Recent work has been featured in Vancouver at the rEvolver Festival, The Queer Arts Festival, SIX FEST, The Cultch, The Dance Centre’s 10x10x10, The Firehall Art Centre’s BC Buds, The Gam Gallery, in Germany at Kunstlerhauser Worpswede, in Victoria at Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride, and in Montreal at Zone Homa. Robert is a graduate of The National Theatre School of Canada (Acting) and spent ten years studying theatre and design with The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN.


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